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Island Sweet Skunk Feminized

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Island Sweet Skunk Feminized
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Island Sweet Skunk Feminized

A powerful and pungent sativa strain, Island Sweet Skunk is commonly grown and consumed for its uplifting, euphoric and energizing effects. With the taste of sweet grapefruit and skunky notes meshing together seamlessly, the green, yellow and orange buds it yields provide a delectable taste.

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A popular sativa cannabis strain, Island Sweet Skunk is a potent, flavorful and powerful variety with a pungent flavor. The strain is well-loved for its energizing effects, ones that make it a great choice for daily use as it uplifts the spirits and gives you the oomph you need to get through your busy day. Alongside its general feelings of euphoria and heightened energy levels, it also tends to bring out the creative drive in those who use it as it keeps your brain alert and imaginative. The skunk taste is rounded out by the sweet grapefruit notes, which are present as undertones to the skunk flavor.
The Island Sweet Skunk flowering time is 8 weeks and will be ready to harvest around late September or early October.

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