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Black Diamond Feminized

Quick Overview

Black Diamond is a pure indica plant created from a cross between the Blackberry and Diamond OG cannabis strains. With dark green leaves, huge buds; each bud has long orange hairs and an unbelievably frosted look. Black Diamond grows to a moderate height and produces a large yield per plant.

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The Black Diamond has its roots in Northern California and it is an indica-dominant strain. This strain is perfect for cultivation whether you choose to nurture it indoors or outdoors and gives a fresh and inviting aroma. It has the ability to give you quick relief while helping you relax your mind. Any Indica lover or those who love to explore the berry and grape aroma will discover a whole new world of enriching value. It is a premier and exclusive strain that is widely viewed as one of the most profound seeds across the US. It is a rare strain that will captivate anyone who intends to use it; this is one of the finest strains you can find in our range.


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  1. Fast Service review by David on 2019-09-13

    Had tried to order from a place in Ontario, no seeds, no real customer service!
    On here super fast service!
    My order was accepted, processed and shipped in under 24 hrs! And I got it in 3 days.
    Looking forward to getting a few of these going tonight.
    Will update as they start growing.

    Two thumbs up BCSK

  2. Giants review by david on 2019-08-22

    Planted 3 of these outdoors in last years garlic bed and they are massive. i started a little late on purpose in an attempt to keep them smaller. Pruned once in July. They have great organic soil and lots of sun. 5 weeks left till they are done, they are all 8 feet tall, buds are purple and the stalk is as thick as my ankles. 1st non guerrilla grow at home. Canada rocks. So does BCSeedKing.

  3. Number One review by Francis on 2019-06-13

    I’ve made several orders from this
    Outfit and I’m happy with product and the service ! No need to go elsewhere.

  4. Looking Great review by Randy on 2019-01-02

    Very nice plant, love it!

  5. Amazing review by Thomas on 2016-10-07

    I put 10 seeds in my home made seed popper ( plastic soap dish with 2 sponges, seeds between them) and all 10 popped and were planted in soil in 24 hours.

    So far so good. I started 10 so I can find the best plant and use that as a mother for clones. I'll be using Autopots / airdrome and Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur Grow Part A + B Set

    I'll be using 1r 2 1200 watt equivalent lLED lights for veg and 3 for buds.

    I'm looking for extremely high quality buds and a large yield.

    I'll do updates in the future.

  6. Wonderful review by Nico on 2016-06-20

    I buy from BCSEEDKING for the last 10 years. Unbeatable quality/price. Special thanks for Jason for accommodation.

  7. Quality of product review by Debra on 2015-06-20

    I have been ordering through BCSeedking and as always, extremely happy with delivery time and the quality of the seeds. 10 out of 10 seeds always sprout. Last year I had over 10 foot plants (trees). I wouldn't think of ordering elsewhere.

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