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Grand Daddy Purple Feminized

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A famous strain known for its rich purple hues and sweet berry flavors, the Grand Daddy Purple strain is a well-loved choice for veterans and newbie smokers alike. Grand Daddy Purple take 8-9 weeks to flower and they can be cultivated both indoors, outdoors and equally happy in hydro or soil.

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Perhaps one of the most famously known indica strains, Grand Daddy Purple, also known by Grand Daddy Purps, is a cross between Big Bud and Purple Urkle. This native California strain offers a fruity aromatic blend of berries and grape notes inherited from Purple Urkle, while the Big Bud genes make the buds oversized in nature. Finishing off the flavor profile of this Grand Daddy Purple strain is the sweet kick at the end that makes it taste more like candy than anything. The name Grand Daddy Purple comes from its beautiful rich purple blooms that are highlighted by the layer of white crystal resin, making the color pop even more. She is a hardy grower and reaches about 3 feet indoors or up to 8 feet outdoors. The winner of the Medical cannabis cup in 2004 and the Green cup in 2004 to 2006



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  1. Changing my review from a few months back review by Micky on 2019-12-28

    When I reviewed the plants I was doing two at once. Let me get this straight!

    The motaro blue is definitely the keeper after 5 weeks of flower. In veg she’s slower; but her structure is asymmetrical and very perfect. Two phenotypes shine through even with a 3 cross on 8 seeds; a shorter; pungeant and top colas everywhere lean; sweeter like my northern light #5, but unfortunately; the other pheno (even though easy to isolate because of her striking looks even in veg); is a small producing; yet very sour pungeant plant; and by the way that undesirable pheno is actually crazy good look wise because it produces pink hairs all the way to the end of flowering! Yet; production is honestly not even half of what the other not so good looking plant will produce... I can tell already... it has a kush style grow pattern; bigger “ish” bugs on top with a shitty stretch that produces nothing under the main tops... BUT bag appeal I’m sure it will be awesome... but that first one is the keeper. It doesn’t produce pink hair; very normal white hair turning orange yet I guarantee it will be twice the yield and the thc is packing on more than the other... same with NL #1 vs. #5... can’t seem to get the goods from one and the other when it comes to crosses.

    This being said; the GDP; is HORRIBLE. Out of 7; 6 are literally dwarves that produce nothing; problems since week 6 of vegging; a SERIOUS case of all her fan leaves crisping and dying no matter what I do/no matter how perfect the PH is... the 1 outstanding is such a good plant; follows the Mataro to a T, very producing; very strong... but 1/7.... I mean... they all looked the same in veg; so now it’s too late and I just threw out the clones...

    There ain’t many strains I’d never try to dial out; but whoever gives them those “GDP’s” have to dial and stabilize their strain... it’s a growers pain and I would never say this without meaning it. I’d never give up trying to perfect a strain; long story short i had 4 seeds left; I threw them out. It’s that bad. At first I beat myself up telling myself it was me that was doing something wrong... after total 14-15 weeks; nah. It ain’t me. These seeds just are too finicky or are just horrible genetics. Ive worked with horrible strains before but this one takes the cake. But hey! I def recommend Mataro Blue! It’s an amazingggg strain; only thing that’s rough if you ain’t used to it with this one; it produces deep roots and shows signs of stress very fast if you’re lazy and don’t transplant them when THEY want you to... trust me; they love being transplanted and more than once

  2. Finally popping two strains to compare review by Micky on 2019-08-15

    Popping 8 of each; mataro blue and GDP. Well the grand daddy up to now, seedling wise; is very quick in business. Usually I need 36 hours for the seeds to sink in a glass of water; this one needed literally 23-26h. All popped; all with the root (root tongue out the shell smile) and all 8 of them. Reminds me of my northern lights #5; definition of a weed that wants to thrive. Very promising and impressed; will leave another review when I’m a little further along. GDP has extremely small shells seedwise; but don’t let it distract you. Same with NL5s and they are persistant and want to live. Mataros are a little behind (12h behind ish even at the water germ technique so it translates to about a week behind in 4-5 weeks). Thanks guys; very good transaction. Diamond og and OG kush were great; should’ve waited to flower them before the crazy 30-35 Celsius hit. It would’ve been more productive won’t lie but it’s ok.

  3. Fantastic review by Sly on 2018-05-22

    Hands down the best transaction we've ever had! All seeds were grade A with a few extras, best place to buy online, very fast shipping! thx a lot BC Seed King

  4. Satisfied beyond expectation review by Paul on 2018-04-05

    Excellent customer service, 100% germination, purple coloured, trichrome saturated, amazing grape scent and fairly priced...Thanks Jason

  5. great start review by Gardner on 2018-03-13

    I want to start off by thanking Jason you are stand up person.
    I ordered 10 seeds and like always they sent more, all seeds opened over night they are now been vegging for two weeks and coming along just fine.

  6. Third Season For GDP review by Dennis on 2018-01-01

    Selected for its reputation as medicinal. And have completed two nice projects with impressive yields. About to start a third. 100% germination. Stout plants practically dripping with resin on both the buds and leaves. I was amazed at how white with resin the leaves became. High potency even in the smallest buds and much of the leaf material so all of that was reserved for cannabutter. This is the last season for Granddaddy Purple for me, but it's been great.

  7. GDP !!! review by Charlie on 2017-12-25

    Ordered this strain last year , as usual bc seed king delivered the quality ! Love these guys ! I was a little late getting started , seems I always am. But they still reached over six feet . I pinched them 4 Times so I had upside down chandalabr . Lol . Beautiful buds covered in gooy goodness . Needless to say I was very busy once the locals got a taste . Everyone loves this baby. Going with the OG Kush , and Sour Diesel this time , keep you posted . Once I expand (next time ) GDP will always be in my garden . Thanx King

  8. Great strain, even better company review by Nashy Rating on 2017-01-02

    BCSK is the industry leader. Fair prices, grade A quality product, a great company to deal with. Worried about your purchase? Save the stress, these guys take care of you, every time.

    Thanks again BCSK, see you next year!

  9. Satisfied review by Marcel D. on 2016-11-06

    I just received my order in just over a week and look forward to growing GDP once my current crop is complete. Thanks BCSK, I'll be sure to come back and order again from here!

  10. Awesome Yield! review by Cynthia on 2015-12-27

    I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic headaches. I find this strain a smoother smoke and for the first time ever I am making edibles and balms. FANTASTIC!
    I will be ordering again for next year's growing season.
    I am almost 60 and for this Christmas I will be sending out herbal balms to all my friends and family who suffer also with chronic pain. They will love me for it as for most of them, it will be the first relief without pharmaceuticals!

  11. Definitely on my list for return purchases. review by Jill on 2015-11-27

    I am very happy with the order, the product and the service provided. It felt like a bit of a gamble sending cash but it was not. Jason kept me informed of how the order was being processed, the delivery stages and continued to reassure me that all was good. A follow up email describing the climate of my new home and what seeds were best for me was returned with good advice which I will follow up in the future. Thank you so much for the service provided. Very much appreciated. Cheers Jill.

  12. Grand Daddy Purple Feminized review by cindy on 2015-06-02

    This is my 2nd time ordering from B.C. both times huge success !! I have 6 beautiful Grand Daddy plants ! Happy Happy Happy !!!!

  13. Fast delivery review by Raymond on 2015-02-02

    Got them quickly considering I had to mail m.o. Received payment and shipped fast 3 of 3 popped 2 days. Will update later. Trustworthy site.

  14. Awesome strain review by raider on 2015-01-03

    Fast service and 100% germ rate .3 out of 4 turn strait out purple with extra week, very dank weed, grape flavor with sweet hashy after taste I go back for daily. Thanks bcseedking for GDP in fems, great strain.

  15. Grand review by Indoorman on 2014-11-26

    I found about half turned completely purple and the ones that turned purple had more of a grape taste and smell while the others took more of the big bud characteristics and smelled and tasted more of a spice but still good I liked the purple characteristics better...... all in all I liked better then white widow and that turned out great as well.

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