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King's Kush Feminized

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King’s Kush is a strain that is every bit as beautiful as it is potent. It is known for its slow, yet powerful effects and possesses a pungent yet earthy flavor profile, making it a great nightly smoke.

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King's Kush is supper potent with lots of resin and growers can expect a heavy yield. She is a medium height plant that grows fast with huge branches, and you can easily harvest your crops after nine weeks of flowering. If you are growing outside, flowering finishes by the first week of October. It features a pungent flavor that is just as distinct as its appearance, while the sharpness of the flavor is rounded out with woody and earthy notes. Because the THC levels in King’s Kush have been known to hit as high as 20 percent, this strain is known for being exceptionally strong. The effect is described as slow at first, creepy, but very heavy and long lasting. King's Kush is an excellent strain for chronic pain and depression.


HARVEST: October

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  1. Frosty review by Paul on 2019-01-02

    Some of the heaviest trichrome saturation I've grown in 20yrs...Looks like someone doused tops in powdered sugar...amazing under magnification...thanks again Jason

  2. NICE PRETTY PLANT:) review by Ian on 2019-01-02

    Added to my collection of SSH and WW, this Kush performs! Defoliate heavy or it will overwhelm quickly. Big differences between plant strength and heights. Found a good one that grows nice and strong and tall like the others:) Needs 8-9 weeks to finish. Lots of food for this one! Buds are not as thick as SSH or WW. Flavour is a Grape Soda/Dishwashing Soap combination:) I know that doesn't sound that great...but it works. Kush is always a little weird for tastes and is different depending on grow techniques. The medical effects are heavy. Don't plan on driving and you may need a place to lie down in 30 minutes or so! Of my BC Seedking collection, I like it about the same as the SSH. Put it in the pretty great category....closer to 4.5 than a 4. A word of caution: Keep your temps down. First two attempts at WW/SSH norm temps and I got Hermies at 6 weeks. No probs last two times. Bon Appetit!

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