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Mataro Blue Feminized

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Mataro Blue is a mostly Indica dominant plant created from a three-way cross with a flowering cycle of 58 an 65 days. Fast flowering time and the capability of producing high levels of resin these seeds produce very large and sticky buds in high amounts.

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Mataro Blue, well known for it’s medicinal and therapeutic effects, is an indica dominant hybrid created from three different strains; Black Domina, Mazar-i-Sharif, and Blue Monster. With a strong structure, medium height, fast flowering and high levels of sticky resin the Mataro Blue plant is capable of being grown in either a greenhouse, indoor or outdoor locations. Featuring a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, this stocky strain produces massive yields. Mataro Blue plants come complete with approximately 24% THC content and this highly regarded strain  offers a fruity and sweet aroma and flavor paired with an overall relaxing effect.

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  1. Grew 3 this yr review by Justin on 2019-11-09

    They sprouted fast and all had nice yield. I am a beginner grower but have a green thumb. With some good advice from experienced growers and the right nutrients it was a great success. I wish I could add pictures they were huge!!. I started inside April 15th from seed. Planted on may 24 weekend. Topped them at waist height and were still 9 feet tall. Massive size cones. Friend of mine says it's the best she has ever smoked. It's a very good strain. Fairly mold resistant we had a humidity issues at the end of the yr and some peoples plants went moldy. As for the high its strong but up beat. The high lasts for a long time. Everyone that has tried it really enjoyed its flavour . Will be buying again from this site.

  2. Looks to be different planets review by Cameron on 2019-08-16

    I bought a 10 pack of these seeds to grow outdoors, they have grown big and strong and all look to be on their way to a health harvest in a couple months!

    Seeds came quickly and were well packaged.... and have grown into healthy plants.

    ........That being said, I originally planted 4 seeds of which only 2 fully germinated. Those 2 plants have grown all summer side by side but they look completely different! One is an almost neon green, very tall with more slender fingers on the leaves while the other is shorter, dark green with wider fingers on the leaves.

    At the end of the day they will both be producing large amounts of the sticky-icky so it's a minor issue but it makes me wonder as to credibility of these Seed packs and whether they are in fact what they claim to be.

    I wish I could upload a picture of the 2 plants side by side as the difference in the Look of them is staggering!

  3. WOW review by Rene on 2019-02-21

    Ordered 10 got a couple extra seeds Thank you bc sk ! Impressive growth , awesome genetics can't wait till harvest , looking Really good !!

  4. www.bcseedking.com are the best seeds supplier in the WORLD. Having tried few others. review by Louis on 2018-01-09

    Buy in confidence and be well serve. For so many years of professional services from www.bcseedking. Thank you so much for your trustful service for all ours orders. Best Regards God bless you.

  5. Excellent review by Paul on 2017-09-27

    We have just received our order. We have had very good results with every single thing we have ordered. Quick delivery, very friendly staff and helpful in many way. We have had good results and will continue with our orders.
    Thank you For always Helping

  6. You can get excited just watching them grow fast! review by Paul on 2016-03-25

    The Mataro Blue seeds germinated the quickest of any seeds I have grown. The speed of growth for this plant is well beyond anything I have grown over the past years. Looking forward to the final product!

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