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Nuken Feminized

Quick Overview

Nuken is a mostly indica strain created from a cross between the Shishkaberry and God Bud varieties. Blooming with round and dense this lovely sage-colored plant is covered in a blanket of resin from top to bottom. Features a sweet, woody and earthy flavor and aroma and a happy, relaxing overall feeling.

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Nuken is an easy to grow hybrid cannabis strain that is slightly more indicant dominant than sativa. Created from a cross of the incredibly well-known God Bud and Kish plants, you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of room as this plant produces thick and sturdy branches. With a flowering time between 49 and 56 days and high levels of THC. Nuken provides a deep stone feeling and is great for treating issues like depression, migraines and for helping you fall asleep.


HARVEST: End-September

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  1. Not a fun strain to grow review by Michael on 2019-03-26

    I am a fairly experienced grower and I have never had such a finicky plant.

    In the exact same soil I put my White Widows in, the Nuken went full retard within 24 hrs with twisted leaves, severe deficiency signs, puckered and down-turned leaves. The White Widow showed zero signs of stress in the same soil, and same water.
    It took over a month for 4/5 of the Nuken to recover, leaving one that stayed in a comatosed stupid state right up until, and past transplanting into 10 gallon pots. After another month and several flush thrus the last one started untwisting, but as this is going on the, the others are randomly going stupid for a day or two then they straighten out.
    And lately they have gone into endless stretching.
    Out of 5 of them, I have one that is nice and tight and compact right now with no signs of twisting or anything abnormal.

    All the while, again in the same soil with the same water and all things equal, the White Widow are reaching for the sky, never having drooped their leaves once in the last couple months. They are all in a steady praying stance, with nice tight compact bush structure.

    I absolutely hate Nuken. I won't ever grow it again. I haven't even seen the buds yet, I'm only a week I to flower, and I couldn't care less how nice it is when it's finally finished In fact, I gave away my remaining seeds and threw out the cuts I took of each plant. Nothing but a waste of about 65% of my available flowering space.

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