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NYC Diesel Feminized

Quick Overview

Known for its powerful citrusy lime and grapefruit flavors, NYC Diesel is a tasty, invigorating strain that provides uplifting cerebral effects as well as full-body relaxation. Excellent as a social strain, NYC Diesel is often lauded for the way it makes smokers feel livelier without any anxious effects.

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A strain that has won numerous awards for its widespread appeal, NYC Diesel is a common favorite among cannabis smokers everywhere and for good reason. With the potent cerebral and physical effects that this strain can bring, this strain provides a full experience that runs the full spectrum of effects without any reported anxiety or anxiousness.

NYC Diesel is primarily appreciated for its social effects, as it isn't a strain that will leave you feeling spacey and weighed down. NYC Diesel instead has a reputation for making you feel uplifted and happy and is known for its chatty, talkative properties. It has also been demonstrated to provide its users with physical and mental energy, making creative endeavors fruitful ones. Alongside this, this strain may promote certain medical benefits as well, including the primary benefit of stress relief. Pain from inflammation may be eased, and a lack of appetite may be stimulated.

FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks
HARVEST: End of September

Product Code: FNYC

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  1. Top 5 smoke review by progrow on 2018-11-23

    Wow Great plants!!! Awesome smoke!! Grew 2 in a water farm setup. I got 4 oz per plants!!!

  2. Update review by Kevin on 2018-03-14

    The little girl is about 2.5 weeks from harvest and looks amazing! I have her under a 180 watt LED and she is thriving excellently. Her hairs are standing straight towards the light and are starting to change color. I think that I will get an 1.5-2.0 ounces dry. BCSK rocks!

  3. looks great review by organik krak on 2017-11-07

    Slapped the cash in envelope got beans 8 days later, put 5 in glass all 5 sprouted 36 hrs later bcseedking rocks.

  4. The best review by Gardner on 2017-08-09

    My order came very fast in less then a week. Like most people I wasn't sure what would happen if I sent cash, well I did and they filled my order with no issue in fact this is the 4th time I order from BC and this is the only place that will get my money going forward. Thanks

  5. Growing like crazy review by gardner on 2016-03-15

    All seeds cracked open with in 36 hours, all seeds are now in 5 gallon pots under LED lights all is coming along fine they will be going into flower with in the next few weeks. Like all seeds I get from BC Seed King the buds are out of this world I don't get my seeds from anyone besides BC Seed King.

  6. Dank & Sweet review by Leo on 2015-11-08

    Had 2 full grows with the NYC. Both were a success, All my friends agree its a great strain. Dank smell all over the room as soon as I open the jar. Grown under a 600w HPS, buds were huge, really frosty and hairy.

    Great strain for relaxing. Can put you to sleep if you smoke a lot of it, but stay functional and talkative if you smoke just a bowl which is why I love it.

    Fairly priced, good quality, what are you waiting for?

    About to order some more, but this time I will try either GDP, SSH or WW... Can't decide

  7. Excellent review by Dogpound on 2015-06-14

    Put seeds in PT and it cracked the next day, put in cup and sprouted up the next day, fast delivery, they don't call them seed king for nothing.

  8. first grow review by sheri on 2014-12-29

    This was my first grow and it was a doozie. An absolute joy to grow and to smoke!

  9. so far so good review by mike on 2014-09-12

    little over 3 months from seed, five feet tall, had to try a clippin - from the bottom and WOW toasted her a bit an lit, i'm baked.

  10. Good product and very good price review by Jim on 2014-06-28

    Every seed germinated quickly. Also easily cloned for you multipliers. Grew tall outdoors and generous quantity. Only problem, and I don't blame company is that in Southwestern Ontario they seem a bit susceptible to mould the last two years. I blame the weather.

  11. beautiful girl review by Kevin on 2014-06-19

    I harvested the nyc diesel this morning. The leaves were purple, all the pistils were orange and the bud looked like it had attitude. I figure I should get about 1.5 oz dry out of her. The buds were nice and dense. But believe it or not, there was no odour to it, unless you touched the buds and then your fingers stink. I cannot wait to try her.

  12. I am Impressed review by Terry on 2014-04-25

    This is a review for the company as I have not tried the product yet. I am leary when looking for new seed sources. You never know what you are getting. I read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I ordered my 10 seeds on Monday the 5th. Received a confirmation email stating that the order was shipped today, Friday the 9th. Got home from work from work and there was my order sitting in the mail box. 4 days. I live in BC mind you but still this is impressive. There were more seeds than I had ordered as well which also impressed me. I have some Crown Royale, White Cookies, CB Dream, and CB Dutch Treat growing right now so I wont be starting these for a while but I am looking forward to trying them out. I have 100% germination rate with any seed I use so that shouldn't be an issue. I've paid the same amount for half as many at another place I get from. If these are half as good as the reviews state I will be back. There are a few strains I'd like to try. Thank you.

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