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Purple Glue Feminized

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Purple Glue Feminized
Purple Glue Feminized

Purple Glue is an Indica dominant strain that features an available THC range of 25-28% and provides the user with a relaxed and uplifted feeling. With a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and a medium to high yield, Purple Glue grows well in limited space if needed. A heavy strain that offers sweet Kush-like scent, and a fruity, tropical and earthy taste with use.

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Purple Glue, made by GG Strains and is created from a distinct cross of Purple Kush and Gorilla Glue #4 strains. Indica dominant and offering a THC range of 25-28%, Purple Glue provides the user with a strong, heavy high which leaves you warm, relaxed, euphoric and creative; and features a bold, pungent aroma with a sweet Kush-like scent included. A relatively fast-growing strain with a flowering time of  8-9 weeks, this hybrid blend produces a medium to high yield whether it’s grown indoors or outdoors. Great for growing in areas where space is especially limited, Purple Glue can be harvested in the month of October when grown outdoors. Boasting a tropical, berry, earthy, piney flavor, this strain is ideal for use by those that need to truly and deeply relaxation.

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