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Purple Kush Feminized

Quick Overview

Purple Kush high is very strong with a sweet aroma. Dense buds with shades of purple hues. Excellent medical strain and high level THC.

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Purple Kush is an Indica connoisseur‘s dream, a smooth, fruity smoke that melts muscles and slows neuron activity to a crawl. Medically speaking, it‘s the perfect choice for relieving stress. It’s more of an evening smoke than a wake-and-bake. For those who have trouble sleeping, Purple Kush is a wonderful alternative to anything the pharmacist is going to recommend. Purple Kush smells like Fruity Pebbles and pine, and has a nice, smooth fruit flavor. The buds on this gal are covered in a cloak of raindrop crystals. Purple Kush grows medium height and has dark green leaves that turn purple during the last couple of weeks of flowering. Purple Kush has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks, and harvests outdoors in Late September.

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  1. 100% review by Terry on 2018-08-17

    Order 10 seeds, and received 13! Germinated 10 which all sprouted. Fast delivery great service will buy again thanks.

  2. Quality of products review by Teresa on 2018-08-05

    Very Good. As described but better. Great but and perfect for any occasion or just a evening at home. Another repeat buy!

  3. Most expensive strain for a reason review by Johnny on 2018-08-01

    This stuff reeks. It is powerful. Definitely a medical strain. ridiculous potency. Its worth the price. My only qualm is low yield but that may have been my fault. I will have to see how the future churns these out. Im sure it will be a fairly low yield regardless but with the potency it doesn't matter.

  4. Purple kush fem review by Raiderman on 2018-05-10

    Best around from start to finish, can't go wrong with these ladies.

  5. Purple Kush review by George W Kush on 2018-05-03

    All females as promised. 9 weeks of flowering and they are ready to pull. Delicate when transitioning to flowering so go easy on your first week or two in flowering with you nutes. The buds are as described and extremely potent. However, if you're looking for a heavy yield this isn't your strain. It's great for personal use but not a solid cash crop. Instead go with bc big bud or northern lights. 10 for potency, 6 for health and durability, 6 for growth time, 4 for yield.

  6. very pleased review by Robert on 2018-04-17

    First, I bought ten and was given thirteen or fourteen. Thank you! All but one popped. Two quickly failed, after popping. I don't have a clue as to why. The remaining...very nice. Plants were robust and grew very bushy. I got an ounce per easily. The buds were not particularly big, but they were plentiful. They seem to take quite a bit less nutes than called for on nute package.
    Very piney tasting when smoked. Very heavy, sleepy result. Most relaxing! I'll be doing more of this strain.

  7. Purple Kush is excellent for my medical use. review by Paul on 2018-03-18

    I have been purchasing all my seeds from B.C. Seed King for over 5 years. All seeds are feminized and all have grown well with excellent results. The purple kush is one of my best plants I grow. From day 1 B.C. seed has been very professional with that old fashion business trust and honesty. Sincerely Paul.

  8. good stuff peeps review by Budbear 68 on 2018-01-03

    Great genetics, beautiful plants. Easy on the nutes weeks1-2 of flowering. Great personal stash.

  9. Looking beautiful review by Kevin on 2017-10-18

    This girl is going to be out of this world! She has two weeks to go and I have about two dry ounces to expect. She has 8 colas on her. I wouldn't doubt that on harvest day she is the most beautiful flower I will have ever seen!! Keep up the good work bcsk.

  10. Purple review by PPP on 2017-08-25

    Not a bad strain, 5 star for potency , 3 for yield and is not really more purple than the others but has the dark indica leaves got about 1 oz per plant indoor at 2.5 feet tall

  11. Great seeds with great results review by Warren on 2017-05-25

    This is the third time I've purchased Feminized Purple Kush seeds from BC SEED. The service has been great with delivery always on time. To date I haven't seem any of my plants grow into males. Keep up the good work.

  12. Perfect start review by Grandpa on 2017-05-13

    I ordered the feminized purple kush online. Just a few days later, a plain brown envelope arrived. 14 seeds, not the 10 promised. I'm a purist so I planted my seeds in high quality potting soil and--voila--100% germination. Four days in, all 14 of my girls are now 4cm high and looking very strong. BC Seed King, you are the man (in a good way!).

  13. Highly Recommend review by yvon on 2017-04-03

    Great service and products, I really recommend, I always recommend to my friends.............awesome all around.

  14. love to the breeder of seeds review by philip on 2017-03-20

    Nice again. I have used b.c king 3times with the out come the same.10ft tall full of bud's.happy croptober

  15. excellent seed company review by Michael on 2016-11-03

    I have placed four orders with these guys,and have been more than happy with them.The 2014 grow will be memorable thanks to these folks, and always extra seeds(very nice surprise). A great company and great response to e-mails.Order here worry free.

  16. One of my favs! review by Debra on 2016-09-14

    BCSeedking makes it so easy to order seeds and have success. Seeds always fresh and I'm never disappointed with the outcome.

  17. Best seed bank review by broke on 2016-08-18

    Fast shipping discreet to the max,best seed bank on the net, these are the best looking seeds i have ever got and all germinated ty bc your the best,will shop again and again best genes around.

  18. Germination rate 100% review by John on 2016-08-01

    Thank you again for the extra five seeds, germinated six beans in shot glass of water ,covered and put in dark. Within 36 hrs all sprouted, once again keep up the good work ,received order in 7 days regular mail and nice job on the packaging. You have a returning customer here.

  19. amazing service! review by annon on 2016-04-12

    Not only fast shipping but I paid for 10 and they gave me an EXTRA four! This is my favorite strain so I'm stoked to have them.
    I was a little sketchy since I'd never heard of this site but I'm a customer for life now...great job!

  20. Wonderful review by Nico on 2016-04-01

    I buy from BCSEEDKING for the last 10 years. Always accommodating and unbeatable quality/price. Special thanks to Jason.

  21. Great seeds, quick delivery review by Steve on 2016-03-08

    Second time I ordered from BCSeedking. I am in the US so always worry a bit. Very discreet packaging and fast delivery. I planted six outdoors and currently have 4 girls about 2 feet high or so. Last year did the white widow and got 7 out of 10 with a yield of about a z each dry. Unbelievable! These guys are great!

  22. Great genetics review by Greg on 2015-12-15

    Ordered Purple Kush feminized last season. All 15 seeds germinated. All were female. Started growing late in a short cold summer. Still the plants grown outside got fairly big and the fan leaves had 11 leaves and were bigger than my hand. Nice yield. Out of 15 plants I got four 1.5L jars of bud. Not bad for 3 months growing. Very strong. One toke and I'm good!

  23. bc is truly the king review by Mike on 2015-11-02

    Thank you, thank you, used the shoebox method for germination, 100% after 3 days. can't wait till they get nice an big I Love this strain. Thanks Bc seedking!

  24. Five star or better review by Hairydodger on 2015-10-12

    Sent cash and though it risky but did it anyway. Boom, 15 seeds right away. Double Boom, all sprouted. 13 made it to veg. 10 to flower. OMG. First clipped sample is dreamy, smooth, and sends anxiety away. No weight yet as I think we're about 10 days from harvest.

  25. Never Know review by Hydro Man on 2015-07-28

    like 2 other buys l made, l got two different kinds both were good on the purple kush, but one kind was done sooner and l flush before harvest, so that messed me up on letting the purple colored plants get to the point l wanted, but all in all it worked out, and l will say save your money on all the other kinds and just buy the purple kush, unless your not into the Indica type buzz.

  26. Very very nice review by Pierre on 2015-07-16

    Popped one seed to try it out and it grew very fast and a strong stem. Grew about 4 1/2 feet high and gave me 259 grams of wet buds. Was left with 57 grams of dry buds, very happy with the results. Keeping the rest for outdoors. THX BCSK

  27. ty bc i wont shop anywhere else,great genetics review by Will on 2015-03-15

    These are fresh healthy seeds, shipped discretely and very fast ship. This company is the best and great genetics by far, Im very pleased all germinated ty bcseedking I wont shop anywhere else.

  28. Best Seed Bank review by blueorange on 2015-01-09

    Fast, discreet shipping. Great prices, extra seeds. And most importantly, excellent seeds. Got some FPK, they germinated at 100% in less than 24 hours :-) Tried some FWW,100% germination, nice strong plants.
    Great job guys!

  29. 7 feet tall....yikes! review by Chris on 2014-12-26

    Holy man batman, these are beauties. Started budding last week, so hopefully ready by end of September. Can't wait to try. 3 for 3 girls...all doing amazing outside!

  30. Amazing Taste to Remember review by pkking on 2014-08-12

    All around 5 star strain for grow , taste , smoke and buzz . A dream for indica lovers, will never be without this strain unless im locked up !!

  31. Awesome stuff review by Bizal on 2014-08-01

    Like others have said, i ordered and paid for 10 seeds and was sent 13. I hadn't heard of BCSeedKing before but have read nothing but good reviews so went ahead and bit the bullet, im real glad i did. Soaked 2 seeds for 24 hours then put them in paper towels and both sprouted withing 24 hours.....both are in coco and looking like happy little seedlings, will report back when things get going.

    Thanks loads BCseedking :)

  32. still flowering review by dozer on 2014-04-18

    Germinated 10 all popped all females average 30 in. tall. Nice and bushy.5 weeks in flower and they are cranking. WE shall see they look great!

  33. No complaints review by Jo Mama Johnson on 2014-04-07

    Not as purple as the photo but very frosty and potent. All females, indica, and 1 oz per plant. They do purple up some if you keep them very healthy and flower 10 weeks. Nute sensitive on transition as previous reviewer stated.

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