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Super Silver Haze Feminized

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Mostly sativa variety and THC level of approximately 18% - 20%. Highly potent with a trippy cerebral high.

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Our Sativa strain inventory took a big jump up the charts with the recent addition of feminized Super Silver Haze. Commercial growers may rename this gal The Mortgage Lifter, or May West Weed: big, beautiful and top heavy.
Super Silver Haze grows huge outdoors, and you may need to tie up the side branches to keep them from tearing free from the stalk under the weight of the buds. The plants are blight and mold resistant, and typically harvest in early-October. Leave plenty of space between plants. Expect bright, lime-green buds frosted in crystals that exude a heady aroma of pine and sandalwood. The taste is spicy, with Christmas-tree undertones. Super Silver Haze doesn’t creep. She jumps right on you. The high is clear and energetic with a euphoric floating sensation, this makes it good for medical applications.

FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks
HARVEST: Mid-October

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  1. Beautiful review by cindy on 2018-09-04

    Very happy with B.C. Seed ! 2nd grow with their seeds !! Success, Success, Success !!! I have 7 strong health haze plants. Can't wait for Oct.

  2. Good for noobs and CFL growers review by sultros on 2018-08-27

    LST, CFL grow using 2 105watt CFL's, organic soil, 5 gal bucket. Total yield dry was 51 grams. HUGE, DENSE, buds on this baby and very sativa like high. Very uppity with energy. Taste is honey flavor with a hint of spice. This bud is extremely skunky smelling in late bloom. 10 full weeks. Could have gone more. Easy to clone. Nodes stack close with lots of lateral branching. One of my new favs and a perm strain. Thanks guys!

  3. unbelievable review by bonhomme on 2018-08-18

    Best grow ever! intense high putting that permanent smile on your face. Merci BCseedking

  4. real strong plants review by raiderman on 2017-03-27

    Did 15 purps and 15 super silver haze all 30 beans germed,100% 2 days and the haze jus blowin out the purps yield.using 1000 watt hps air cooled lamps allowed me to keep the light 10 to 12 inches from canapy with mild temps produced rock hard base ball size nugs.tho there were 2 that were kinda bushy but wen its totally dried it turns rock hard,,real sweet turpentine dank ,thanks bcseedking.

  5. Great Seeds review by Jay on 2016-10-25

    Had 100% germination and growth from seeds. So am very happy with the quality of the seeds. They are very easy to grow and yield quite a bit. Used Happy Frog soil, and warm/cool light. Great if you are looking for a medical type. Would order from this company again for sure:)

  6. VERY PLEASED review by David on 2016-06-27

    I've ordered from this site numerous times and I have always been pleased. Fast, safe delivery and generous with seeds. The Super Silver Haze is progressing well and I hope to enjoy that in a couple months.

  7. Wowzers review by dirtyjonny on 2015-12-22

    Easy grow! At 8 weeks the unusual smell of spicy simmering stew filled the grow room.nothing compares in 14 years of growing ...get some and you wont want nothing else.thanks bcsk!

  8. best high yet review by quest on 2015-11-16

    All of my seeds germinated and produced outstanding buds 11 weeks to flower but worth the wait, thanks going to try big bud Fem next.

  9. HOLY CRAP. Only way to describe it. review by SH on 2015-10-11

    Unbelievable potency. Best I have ever had. Flower 10 weeks. Look like they've been spray painted white with canned fake snow. You won't be disappointed.

  10. Yield review by hewolf on 2015-06-29

    This plant grows indoors very well,it grows a lot of light airy buds witch triple in amount compared to kush, this is one of the better yielding plants but the hi is short but sweet.

  11. 100% Germination review by Cynthia on 2015-03-12

    100% germination. They are 1 week old and 3 inches tall. Looking forward to raising these Ladies.

  12. Yield! review by PPP on 2014-10-23

    Surprising yield indoor, also grew purple kush at the same time and SSH is a lot bigger and takes maybe 10 week of flowering . Aprox 2 oz per plant, thx Bc seed king for this one.

  13. BIG AND POWERFUL review by IAN on 2014-07-09

    My 2nd variety from BCSK. Yummo! Huge tops and lots of smaller ones. Great yielder. Buzz grows on you. Nice taste and aroma. Yield is a little better than the WW, but I prefer the Widow for power and energy. This plant can take a boatload of food! LOL Nice addition to the collection. As usual, BCSK provides great quality and service.

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