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Super Silver Haze Feminized

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Super Silver Haze Feminized
Super Silver Haze Feminized

Mostly sativa variety and THC level of approximately 18% - 20%. Highly potent with a trippy cerebral high.

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Tags: Energetic , Sativa , High , THC

Our Sativa strain inventory took a big jump up the charts with the recent addition of feminized Super Silver Haze. Commercial growers may rename this gal The Mortgage Lifter, or May West Weed: big, beautiful and top heavy. Super Silver Haze grows huge outdoors, and you may need to tie up the side branches to keep them from tearing free from the stalk under the weight of the buds. The plants are blight and mold resistant, and typically harvest in Mid-October. Leave plenty of space between plants. Expect bright, lime-green buds frosted in crystals that exude a heady aroma of pine and sandalwood. The taste is spicy, with Christmas-tree undertones. Super Silver Haze doesn't creep. She jumps right on you. The high is clear and energetic with a euphoric floating sensation, this makes it good for medical applications.

FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks

HARVEST: Mid-October

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