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The Purps Feminized

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Dense purple buds, coated with resin. Growers can expect a heavy yield and suitable for indoor or outdoor growing.

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The Purps is one of the most popular strains and produces high level of THC.  The buzz is uplifting and a smooth taste.  Growers can expect heavy yield and hard crystal covered buds. The Purps is a wonderful selection for the beginner or experienced grower.

FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks.

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  1. decent review by JP on 2018-07-13

    I've grown this strain twice now and if I would compare it to the purple kush it will lose every time. This strain is decent at best, the buzz is pretty mild and it's finicky to grow compared to the other 15 odd strains I've grown. If your a first time grower this is not the strain for you. BCSK on the other hand is a wonderful company and I've never had any trouble with them and always get extra seeds.

  2. Knock out review by Tiger Roy on 2017-08-10

    I love this weed. It's pretty intense (my girlfriend prefers the White Widow) but I like to smoke the Purp at night. Puts me on my tuckas for real. By the way, I know the photograph is accurate because I took it. That's my girl, and she was a beauty. A little over 5 feet tall with gorgeous shades of burgundy and mahogany

  3. Beautiful Plants! review by jason on 2017-02-13

    Best shipping ever! Planted 4 got four! All four females as promised. Am 4 weeks till harvest and buds are looking and smelling spectacular. I'm using one 400w hps to flower and one of my topped plants have two colas more than 10 inches long! I love you guys.

  4. wow review by 666elsie on 2017-01-01

    I have a pheno that is as thick as a broom from top to bottom and about 5ft tall 2.5 weeks into bud and she is a beauty. I wish I could post pics just so you can see for your self what I mean, will update when done.

  5. Outdoor Champ! review by Avid Senior on 2016-11-02

    I've grown plants outdoors for many years. This past year I grew these, some G13 Haze and another older sativa. The purps finished so well. They had great buds, didn't need October in Ontario to finish off. Great smoke, great quantity' mould resistant. Consider this a strong review if you are potentially growing outdoors. The best I've grown, I think.

  6. very purple buds review by raiderman on 2015-08-02

    This is my 5th time growing these and are an amazing strain and about 3 pheno-type variations of the hybrid, about half or more will turn totally purple during when the buds start looking ripe let them go another 10 days. Some plants non purple had the biggest yield but the cotton candy dank was still there. I have ordered from these guys for yrs probably 30 times never a order late.
    also do not let no light at all including air conditioning lights or hermies may be a problem, pitch black 12.

  7. works review by Hydro Man on 2015-07-27

    As promised my review on The Purp's
    Came out with a nice yelled nice smell and decent buzz, Was expecting a bit better buzz from a cup winner. Trying out The Purple Kush now check out review on it in November of 2013
    As far as this company goes, you cant beat them!!

  8. more than expected review by rick on 2014-12-21

    Ordered 10 seeds and got 13 plants 100% germination. Very good product and company.

  9. sweet review by Bobula on 2014-09-07

    My 4 Purps are just starting flower. Very, Very impressed with these seeds. They are incredible

  10. Great13 review by Green giant on 2014-06-30

    Growing in central Ontario field. Plants are 6 feet tall and very sturdy. All are female and are in early stages of flowering. Should be a fine harvest this late September. Great seed stock these kings have. Have grown some other of their indoor seeds as well with great results. Great company to buy seeds from.

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