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White Widow Feminized

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A must have strain for all growers. The buzz is powerful and energetic. Easy to grow and produces high resinous sticky buds.

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White Widow is one of the strongest strains in the world. This strain has a superb aroma and a very soft smoke with an excellent high. The plants are white of THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. White Widow is fairly easy to grow, an excellent choice for all growers.

HARVEST: End September

Product Code: FWW

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  1. Bad ass review by prohet on 2018-12-02

    This reminds me of the first 32 years in Holland: great taste, better smoke!

  2. Ease review by Ken on 2018-09-09

    These were my first grow ever and it turned out great. They are into the second week of drying, but I had to have a sample party. Where it got much love

  3. TOP these babies review by Cunningham on 2018-04-04

    Split my seeds into two grows first batch no topping second batch i topped once about 3rd week of veg and they loved it 8th week of flower now and each plant has two main colas of about 15 inches baseball bat thick side branches about 10 inch colas probably going to double my yield over the first grow just checked the Trichomes only a few amber so gunna let them finish another week then down they come how ever the taste right now is great ,very piney its like smoking a christmas tree ,the stone is strong no couch lock its a get up and do something kind of buzz but i think its a 9 week flower time to get the most out of these plants how ever even at 8 weeks you wont be disappointed so top these girls your going to love the reward

  4. Extremely satisfied customer review by Cody on 2018-03-24

    Sent cash & received 5 extra feminized seeds! Some of the most bulky dark healthy seeds i have seen in a long time. Strongly recommend bc seeds king!

  5. Very good summer review by Troy on 2018-02-08

    Feminized white widow grew 13 out of 15 all were very tasty all summer long.

  6. Decent review by Jakester on 2018-01-29

    This was the fourth grow from BC Seedking, the first using White Widow feminized seeds.
    The buds were certainly well frosted even though the outdoor season in Ontario in 2016 was very dry.
    The potency is relatively decent with a nice high buzz.
    The flavor was the main drawback, not a typical White Widow strain ( I have grown several) rather bland.
    Typically grow for a strain with excellent taste, this was not one of them - perhaps due the dry conditions although plenty of water was given to them.

  7. Sweet review by Hydro Man on 2017-08-19

    This was my second strain l grew from the Seed King, water only as any grower knows you cant beat the taste from a expert grower such as myself. This came out beautiful and had the looks, smell, and buzz. I would give it 5 stars, but the Gani l usually grow is so much better in every way. l'm now 2 weeks from finishing the Purps, so check on that review in 3 weeks if interested in a accurate review, not one of these oh this is so great that you will read from a much younger grower that hasn't smoked as many strains as l have.

  8. Great review by Alan on 2017-07-22

    90% germination rate in less than 3 days. Pretty nice. Cant wait until this fall.

  9. Excellent review by Larry on 2017-06-18

    Great seeds with excellently germination rate if these girls are anything like my last from BCSeedKing I'm in for a treat and thanks for the extra seeds they really do make things easier.

  10. great review by William on 2017-05-23

    Yes this is sweet fast discrete shipping and very healthy seeds this is the best site to buy from i recommend anyone looking for seeds look here and look no further.

  11. Got'em a week ago! review by Demo on 2017-04-28

    First off I will say, I RECOMMEND this product and approve this message!

    I received my seeds a week ago tomorrow. So far I have had 100% germ. rate and only 3 of those aren't above ground trying to wiggle free of the seed casing! So far, so good! I will report back in a couple of months when I see bud!

    Thank you for hard work you do!

  12. great service! review by Gordon on 2017-04-17

    The order was processed quickly and the seeds were received when promised...even a few extras. All the seeds look healthy and I can't wait to get them planted. Thank you!

  13. So far so good! review by Pierre on 2017-03-07

    Received 15 seeds, Thx for the freebees. Started with 5 and all of them germinated, Just by looking at the seeds you can tell that they are healthy.

  14. Review by Toped review by Adam on 2017-03-02

    Really fast shipping. Got extra beans when sent cash. In week 8 of veg right now topped at third week and wow is all i can say Scrog these babies.

  15. Your the best! review by Mike on 2017-01-20

    Received 13, thanks for free beans. Germinated 6 in paper towels and all opened within 3 days. In jiffy cups for 3 days and all are peeking out of ground !.

  16. Would recommend review by stumpy on 2017-01-14

    I paid for 10 and got 13 white widow female. All 13 sprouted within 48hrs.I'm real happy and am doing it again next yr. All good

  17. Wonderful strain !! review by Paul on 2017-01-05

    All i can say is Awesome beans from a awesome seller. thanks have never been disappointed.

  18. Bitchin!!!! review by Harry on 2016-12-29

    Got my beans in a timely fashion, soaked them for 36 hrs, put them in tree frog soil, and they're all kick-in' it. They're 2 1/2 weeks behind the BC Big Buds I got and they're doing well also. I like to grow them tall so, 2months veg indoors then flower time. Not one bad thing to say about BCSeedking. Life is good!! Thanks guys!! I'm sending folks your way!!! we'll have 40 legal plants after our next order. Gotta love Washington State!! Peace all!!!

  19. BCSK rocks! review by Jack Herer on 2016-12-21

    Thank you. Best seeds I have bought so far, by a lot. Smooth transaction with a very competent seller. That’s just the start. I’ve had 100% germ rate so far, plants are now getting near the end of veg, they are friggin massive. Can’t wait to flower them. I’m growing them in promix HP using GH flora, simple but really effective. I started another seed, from another supplier, at the same time as these white widows. It’s slightly less then half the size of the bcsk ww’s. Nice to deal with a place that you get what you pay for.

  20. Wowzers....8 feet tall review by Chris on 2016-12-09

    Amazing plants, all were females and all grew incredibly tall. Started to bud last week and are looking good...hopefully they will be ready by end of September. Very pleased, can't wait to try it!

  21. Very Good people to deal with. review by Hotrod55 on 2016-11-25

    Fast efficient delivery and extra beans. Easy grow WW awesome strain , great people to deal with.

  22. always fresh seeds,rapid germination review by Bob on 2016-09-08

    Excellent people and service, order arrived secure and quickly and would recommend to all my friends, in fact placed another order I was so pleased.

  23. great company review by Terry on 2016-09-03

    Very happy with my order all seeds germinated and they are looking great .

  24. Explosive growth! review by Tripe on 2016-08-26

    In six weeks these monsters have grown over 2 feet in my DWC unit! Crazy! The fan leaves are as big as my head with sticky resin already! These guys are the best! I always send cash, and they always send extras.

  25. More for your money review by Breezeman on 2016-04-11

    i am totally impressed with BCSeedKing! My package arrived in less than a week, received 13 feminized for the price of 10. This type of customer service is why I will come back for more and tell my pals to buy from the King. The seeds germinated in 2 days and I expect the plants will be quality too. All farmers know good crops start from good seed and the King has the good seed. Thanks King.

  26. Super service with Seedking review by Murr1066 on 2016-04-11

    My second seed order was received in just 3 days with regular mail ( not Express ). Very discrete packaging too. I bought 10 seeds and received an extra 4 FWW ( not some generic "outdoor mix" ), so thanks Seed king !
    Started 5 seeds from the first order and all 5 sprouted and are doing well.
    So all around a very good deal.
    great service and great prices - why pay more ?

  27. good stuff review by Cunningham on 2016-03-31

    Got 14 seeds split into two grows,100% germ rate ,all female, close to 2 oz,s per plant under 600 w hps ,all my friends love the white widow they want more ,more ,more.

  28. Best strain ever review by Gardy on 2016-03-08

    This is by fare the best web site to get your beans at. They always send more then you order, how can you beat a place like this. I will up date when my grow is done

  29. One of the worlds best! review by cheech and chong on 2016-01-11

    I grew this strain outside and it turned out to be awesome! Great taste, smooth smoke and was a big hit with all our friends last summer. Hands down the best smoke we've grown outdoors.

  30. Outstanding! review by IAN on 2015-10-23

    Best value. All germinated. Bought 15, got 21! Fantastic flavour, aroma AND big colas! Trying Super Silver Haze next!

  31. Best Seed place by FAR!! review by Matthew on 2015-08-08

    Seeds arrived 2-3 days after paid. It is SO cool you guys send a couple extra seeds each time. We used to sell chicks (baby chickens) and I would always send people home with a free extra chick just in case something happened to one of theirs they wouldn't feel as bad or be as inclined to bother me for a replacement, so i love what you do. But to be clear, every seed i get from you guys sprouts.

    Before you guys I purchased from seemingly legit places that turned out to over bill your card, send you the wrong thing or waiting weeks for it cause it became out of stock and was sent from spain bla bla bla. You guys are so simple and easy. Thanks so much.

  32. Super Stoked review by ABGreen on 2015-06-05

    So I bought these bad little ladies several months back and just started the flowering stage last week. I couldn't be happier! Not only did bcseedking give me extra beans, they appear to be great genetics. My plants are miniature trees with such thick stalks and bushy shapes that I can't believe it. Nowhere have I seen anything that compares... At 18" tall they are over 26" wide from fan leaf to fan leaf. I started 5 ... all germinated and are looking great. I had to increase the size of my growing area because they bushed up so quick and so much. Looking forward to more progress in the next 8 or so weeks. Good luck everyone!!!

  33. Aging won't hurt it! review by Inkbuddy on 2015-05-04

    I bought seeds here in 2013 and got them going with 600 watt HPS and Happy Frog Soil in 3 gallon containers with everything Fox Farm suggests and when they suggested it. Took 9 of these inside at night and outside during the day. Pain in the ass, but they love real sunshine. Had to be careful not to break limbs when going thru 36" door! Unfortunately, my wife of 32 years died four days before harvest. I was so depressed that I just cut them down and hung them in my grow shed upside down for a year. That's right, a full year! They were VERY DRY as you could imagine. However, WOW! They seemed even better than when dried normally. It is STILL one toke smoke. I've been growing since the late '60's, so I've got plenty of experience. I would have thought it would be harsh and weak, but it's just the opposite. I got 40 oz of pure bud from those 9 plants. That's close to 4.4 oz per plant even as dry as it is. One plant did morph on me and fertilized itself and made seeds. I think the day I forgot to turn the AC on while it was inside stressed it out because it got up to 112* in the grow room. White Widow is easy to grow and a beautiful plant AND it does the JOB! I'll try not to let it sit and dry out this year and I've got the AC on auto now like I should have in the first place. I understand the seeds are all female because no actual male plant was involved to pass on the male genes, but I also hear they will be much more prone to morphing than new seeds.

  34. Incredible germination rate! review by Supreme toker on 2015-04-21

    I paid for 10 seeds, I got 15 feminized, and 15 of them germinated! Since these should all be females, that is one incredible ratio of females to males! Looking forward to harvest!

  35. These Guys are Great to deal with review by Hotrod55 on 2015-03-18

    Fast delivery as usual and extra beans, one of my favorite strains. Thanks again guys.

  36. Excellent for Food Items review by Gerald on 2015-03-17

    This is not only a good mellow smoke that decrease the depression, but it also make excellent butter, tea and fudge. What a wonderful way to start the day --buttered toast and a tea boost during a break from the yard work. Lets you be active and decreases the pains of life and aging.

  37. 100% germination review by awesome on 2015-03-10

    We started 3 seeds and in 48 hrs. they sprouted. they are 8 weeks old and over 3 feet tall, with topping they are really bushing out. VERY healthy. i will update when they bud.

  38. Love white widow review by james on 2014-12-17

    Easy to grow outdoors, very potent, and gets done the middle of September.

  39. great beans review by Paul on 2014-11-26

    One of the best strains out there. all seeds germinated, great flavor and awesome buzz Thank you seed king!!!

  40. Quality of orders and Company review by Teresa on 2014-10-30

    Just as described and was a pleasure to have. Will order again Good service, quick delivery & fantastic Prices.

  41. As always totally satisfyied review by Trevor on 2014-06-17

    I gave five stars always because I have never had a bad order yet from BCSeedKing. I have never grown WW but it will be a treat. Looking forward to this years crop.

  42. Thumbs up!!!! review by Thomas on 2014-06-03

    Very good seeds, actually got more seeds than I ordered and every one of them spouted. Thanks a lot guys(and girls) and I will re-order from you guys. Keep up the good work.

  43. Cola city!! review by Abuilder on 2014-05-06

    Seeds came within approx. two weeks. I hesitantly sent cash, but it worked out fine and BCSK rewarded me with a fair amt of extra beaners.
    I germed the beans in Rapid Rooter Plugs with a 100% success rate. Plants are in 5 1/2 gal cloth bags under 2- 600 watt HPS bulbs in flower mode now in it's 8th week from the first good sign of flowering which was about ten days after 12/12. Looks like I have a least another week to go. LSTed all the pots and have an average of 4-5 beautiful tall colas in each pot. Plants have to be close to five feet tall from tops of pots to tops of colas. I'm guessing my yield is going to be amazing!!. 2 months veg which may have been a bit too long due to the size room I have , but it's cool...and it'll probably be ten/eleven-ish weeks from 12/12.
    Made my own soil mix which was amazing and used Fox Farm nutes according to their directions. Tried their Bembe which I think is new to their arsenal. I'll come back for a taste/smoke report after harvest which is right around the corner..woohoo!! Thanks mucho BCSK...I'll be back for another go round with you really soon!

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